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The Automatic Gearbox Company 

Specialists in Repairs and Supply of Reconditioned Automatic Gearboxes in Derbyshire, UK

About Us

Who Are We?

The Automatic Gearbox Company are a small Derbyshire based company who specialise in automatic gearbox issues. We have been in buisness here for 10 years but have team members who's experience goes way beyond the years of the company. We understand the frustration of both being without a vehicle and having to pay for the work so we do our best to make sure we get the work done to your vehicle as quickly as we can and in the most effective way.

What Do We do?

Here at The Automatic Gearbox company we are able to diagnose and fix a variety of issues realtating to automatic gearboxes, focusing on the repair and recondition of the vehicle rather than simply replacing parts. We also warrenty the parts that we change, putting 12 months unlimited milage on fully rebuily automatic gearboxes to reassure you that the work we do is going to stick. Our friendly staff are also here to give you advise on your vehicle, help with warrenty work and insurance companies, and give you regular updates on the work to your vehicle.

How Could We Help You?

Book your vehicle in for diagnostics with us and we will diagnose your issue. We have a diagnostic charge of £60+VAT but if you then go on to get major work done with us we will take it off your bill. With our advanced equiptment we will be able to efficently and effectively diagnose your vehicle so we can give you an acutrate price for the work needed. Then it's up to you whether you want us to go ahead with the work or not, meaning you wont be hit with any suprises when you come to pick up your vehicle. 

Contact Us

01238 521414

Unit 2, Newlands Farm Industrial Units,
Hatton Fields, Hilton,
DE65 5GQ

01283 521055